Strong Tribe – Premiere

Strong Tribe, directed by Ivica Buljan, premiered on the first of September, in the Opera House of Ljubljana, Slovenia as the opening play for the International Performing arts Festival - Ex Ponto. Staring Saša Pavlin Stošić and Miha Rodman as Annerl and Hubert.

About the play

"Neither times nor the people change significantly."

The Strong Tribe is a play written by Marieluise Fleisser, who at that time was, above all, controversial and mainly overlooked German author and playwright, who was disapproved by the Nazis even before they came into power. The author started writing the play in time of crisis in summer 1926 as the devastating rise of Hitler’s nationalistic party started and finished it in summer 1945 at the time of victory over Nazism and fascism. The battle was not final since fascism appears in all shapes now and then,always appearing. Fro depicting of the universal model of usage, exclusion and reckless and cold-blooded calculation which is the basics of the neoliberalism nowadays, as well as the fascism and Nazism, the author didn’t choose a form of engaged political play as her contemporary at that time, more famous dramatic writer and her intimate friend Bertolt Brecht, but a form of critical play which was besides all written in a Bavarian dialect. In that manner she didn’t choose a topic with some abstract neoliberal corporation or a direct clash of individuals with the Nazi system, but completely ordinary Bavarian craft family from a small provincial place. Marieluise Fleisser in her critical play, without restraint and shame, reveals all anomalies of the family and the post war German family, with which a parallel can be drawn as well. The Strong Tribe performed by the Prešeren Theatre from Kranj would be the first of any of the works of Marieluise Fleisser, performed in Slovene theatres at all.