Karlovy Vary International Film Festival’s World Premiere – The Tree

The new Slovenian film The Tree, the first feature by the director Sonja Prosenc, will have its premiere in the prestigious competition programme East of West among twelve new films at the Karlovy Vary international film festival.

The Tree focuses on intertwined intimate stories about family, grieving and youth love, turning from stolen glances into a forbidden hope after the threat of a blood feud sets the new rules of life. The film was written by the screenwriters Sonja Prosenc and Mitja Ličen, the director of photography is Mitja Ličen, editor Miloš Kalusek, production designer Vasja Kokelj, costume designer Emil Cerar, and makeup artist Mojca Gorogranc. Starring Jernej Kogovšek, Katarina Stegnar, Lukas Rosas and Saša Pavlin Stošić.


About the film

One story, three angles. In three chapters, the film’s plot is told through the eyes of two brothers and their mother Milena as we witness a tragic situation which befalls the family as the result of an accident. The two sons, adolescent Alek and his younger sibling Veli, are unable to leave their house, the only place where they feel safe. After a period of time, however, their refuge becomes a prison for the boys.… Debut director and screenwriter Sonja Prosenc deftly breathes life into an original concept which helps her keep the viewer in a constant state of tension. The lead-up to the family tragedy gradually unfolds as an intimate drama conveyed via a nonlinear narrative; emphasis is placed on creating an increasingly dense atmosphere as the story develops. The impact of the film is heightened by the striking, in places almost claustrophobic, images created by cameraman Mitja Ličen, who also co-scripted the film.