Saša Pavlin Stošić was born 28. September 1988 in Novi Sad, Serbia to a slovenian mother and serbian father, but she lived and grew up in Slovenia. The stage has always been her platform of creativity. She began acting and dancing at an early age up until she was 18 when a sudden injury forced her to take a break from dancing. She graduated from the Slovenian National Academy for theater, radio, film and television with an M.A. in Acting.

In her first year of the Academy she was already cast for her first feature film. Her talents were quickly noticed and during the next few years she took part in some short films and other feature films. One of her latest feature films »The Tree« directed by Sonja Prosenc had it's world premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and won many awards on other film festivals around the world.

In the past few years she's been working a great deal in theaters where she portrayed many different characters, proving how versatile and diverse she is.

»I feel my creative journey has just begun, my passion to explore new fields of film making and theater grows stronger, and determined to find my own creative expression I'm searching for new adventures.«

She continues to make independent film and theater projects.